As a populous country with diverse cultures, traditions, languages and religions, covering a news report in India can be quite difficult for a foreign journalist. You might require layers of permits to access local officials or remote communities. Our Indian fixers can make it easier to find your way around when covering current affairs and news pieces.

Fixer India can act as an all in one solution for foreign journalists in the following ways:

  •    Initial research
  •    Fact checking
  •    Local access
  •    General production support (logistics, crew hire, equipment rental etc)

Feel free to contact us if you are an international journalist considering working in India. We guarantee a speedy reply and we will be glad to work with you.


Initial Research

As an international journalist working in India, it is important that you get a good grip of your story, thus knowing as much as possible about the topic, important dates, the main stakeholders and key personalities involved. Our fixer team in India can assist international journalists with free initial research to help you get your story right.


Fact Checking

Covering a news report as an international journalist requires you working on lead and information from multiple sources. To get things right, you will need to check your facts with reliable sources within the country. Our teams of local fixers have an extensive nationwide network which makes it easy to check local facts for news and current affairs pieces.


Local Access to Contributors

Running a comprehensive news report will require you to get access to relevant contributors that may be scattered around the country. Our local production fixers have an impressive network of contacts that can help you gain access to officials, local celebrities or regular contributors.


Production Support

We are able to offer on-ground support for all aspects of production in India. Fixer India offers some services directly (like research, fact checking, finding contributors, production management). Additionally, we work with local suppliers for logistics and crew sourcing when needed. 



Our services as fixers in India include location scouting and planning, logistics, budget and itineraries to keep your production on schedule at all times.