Fixer India: Local Production Support You Can Trust

Fixer India is a network of reliable professionals offering valuable help to foreign crews and international journalists working in India. We assist with all aspects of production including location scouting, talent and crew sourcing. Additionally, we have tailored solutions for foreign journalists.

We also work with our local partners all over the country to deliver logistics services and general production assistance.

Our team of India fixers has years of experience working on international productions around the country. Thus we can provide references upon request.

Fixer India is a member of Storytailors.TV, a network of highly reliable media professionals offering fixer services worldwide. Our colleagues provide hyper-local support in their respective countries.

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Our production services include:

General production assistance for crews working on film and TV production in India. Additionally, we work with foreign journalists covering local reports in the country.

Crew sourcing: hiring talented and experienced local crews at an affordable rate throughout India.

Location scouting & management: finding the best filming locations in India and processing film permits where needed.

Our fixers in India can also work with you on your production projects as members of your teams in the following roles:

– Production manager

– Production assistant

– Location scout/manager

Given the size of the country, filming in India without local support can be quite difficult. However, Fixer India has a network of local fixers in major cities. Although covering the whole of India is virtually impossible given its size and diversity, we are generally able to point you in the right direction in case we cannot offer production support ourselves. Having a conversation with our team is therefore worth your time no matter where in India your production is taking place.

Be sure to get in touch if you are considering filming in India or covering it as a foreign journalist. We will gladly provide initial research free of charge.

Production Services

Local support for foreign journalists

Quick fact checks, full research, access, and logistics processing.

TV commercials

We provide logistics, locations and crew sourcing services through our local partners

General production assistance

All your production needs in one place

Film production

Reliable support for filmmakers and documentary production in India

Equipment rental & crew sourcing

Production gear rentals and hiring production crew

Location scouting and permits processing

We find the best filming locations and process permits and access

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