Although it may be challenging and less predictable than the Western World, filming in India is definitely something most international producers have done or considered. With over a billion people in population, 22 official languages and close to 1,000 dialects, the country offers an incredible diversity of locations and contributors.

Fixer India can help you make the most of filming in India by offering a one-stop-shop for foreign producers coming to the country.


Film Permits in India

India is quite popular as a red tape country which makes the services of a local production fixer quite important. Permits are necessary to film in many locations but the process of obtaining them is bureaucratic. Getting film permits must happen in accordance with local customs and regulations.

Local laws governing production can be quite hard to figure out and a patient approach is important. India is made up of a collection of different states and each of them might have their own practices or regulations and may require special permits.

Our production fixers are ready to help with film permits in India. Please try to allow at least 30-60 days in advance for large-scale production.


Access for Foreign Journalists

The World Press Freedom Index ranks India 138th, close to countries like Bulgaria and Russia. Although some press reports may be biased and certain stakeholders may try to influence local journalists, going there as an international correspondent is not an issue. Depending on your topic, you may expect reluctancy from local authorities in front of camera. We generally advise foreign journalists to take at least 3 weeks to prepare any trip to India when possible.


Tax Incentive

There are currently no tax incentives for foreign production companies filming in India. However, there are some countries that have co-production agreements with India. This allows producers from these countries to enjoy some incentives meant for domestic producers.


Filming in India as a producers or journalist? Please drop us a line – we would be glad to help.