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Formally called Calcutta, the capital city of West Bengal is one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse Indian cities. Kolkata was the center of 19th and 20th century Bengal renaissance. It is today widely reputed for the location traditions in film, theatre, literature, and drama. Our fixer in Kolkata is familiar to the region’s many filming locations which have been featured in quite a number of movies in the past.

Howrah Bridge

It is rare to see any film shot in Kolkata without at least one scene showing a view of the iconic Howrah Bridge. Not only is this bridge one of the most popular and recognized structures in town, but it is also the symbol of the city and the state of West Bengal.

filming in Kolkata - Howrah Bridge - fixer in Kolkata


The narrow streets of Old Kumortoli are packed with sculpture shops. The bustling area boasts artists and sculptures showing Hindu goddesses and gods. Therefore, this is by all means a charming location and the impressive neighborhood is quite popular for filming as well.

filming in Kolkata - Kumortoli - fixer in Kolkata

North Kolkata

What most filmmakers love about this filming location is its old world charm. The historical neighborhood is home to several buildings with stunning architecture located on quiet streets with narrow lanes.

filming in Kolkata - North Kolkata - fixer in Kolkata

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